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The OCTOSLIDES is UNI's premier trombone ensemble made up of the top trombonist in the studio. The octet consists of six tenor trombonists and 2 bass trombonists who are chosen by audition. The ensemble performs traditional trombone choir pieces as well as music written specifically for eight trombonists. The famous composer Hector Berlioz was quoted as saying "a group of trombone players could emote the entire spectrum of emotion in music, from the calm of chanting priests to a wild orgy." 

JAZZ~SLIDES is UNI's premier jazz trombone ensemble. JAZZ-SLIDES was formed in 2014 to provide an outlet for UNI's top jazz trombonists to showcase their talents in this unique instrumentation patterned after the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own" Capital Bones. JAZZ~SLIDES performed recently at the MIdwest Trombone-Euphonium Conference at Eastern Illinois University and has appeared many times  on the UNI campus and throughout the Eastern-Iowa area.

The UNI Trombone Ensemble is a large community of trombonists that includes music majors, non-majors, and community members. The ensemble performs traditional trombone choir pieces. 

Checkout a performance clip by the UNI Trombone Choir

Checkout a performance clip by the UNI Jazz Trombone Ensemble

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